Today is Monday. Surprised?

Monday is here again. Did it catch you by surprise? Are you living as Dave Ramsey says, "Thank God it's Friday, O God, it's Monday?" I want to encourage you to leave behind your "I'm surviving mindset." Every day I see it. Men and women who are already defeated in their minds. You ask them how they are and they respond, "Alright. I'm surviving." Or, my favorite non-positive but not-that-negative response, "not bad." What does, "not bad" mean?

This is how we too often live: Monday is low, Wednesday is hump day, and Friday is party time. The weekend is lived with abandon, and the week is lived without intention.

There are times in life when you just have to get through. Times when you just have to get to the other side of a season.

But God holds out abundant life to us now. That abundant life is not reserved for successful people that we outwardly recognize as successful people. You can work a lemonade stand in Bangladesh with this abundant life.

This abundant life of the believer is the present reality of the everlasting life that will be our eternal reality. I'm not talking about money, or material possessions, or prosperity though I will warn you that embracing this abundance of life often leads to all kinds of abundance. It goes with the grain of reality.

The essence of this abundant life is a joy, an affection of the heart, a passion of the Spirit. It is a life that works itself out from an inner reality into a mindset and then into action. Yet as with many other practical matters, the flow of motivation actually works in reverse, and action begets affection. In other words, you act in accord with what you know to be true (God is your joy) before you feel the reality, and then you find that your joy swells as you act.

So with this abundant life, Monday no longer has to be a day of mourning that the weekend is over. In fact, Monday isn't even the first day of your week. As a believer, you began your week yesterday on the Lord's Day, and you began it in the best way possible: in worship.

Today is Monday and instead of surviving you can do something different. This too is a day the Lord has made. So go live it as a gift. Live it with intention. Work your heart out in faith with joy. Start now. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector