Some Twang but No Waylon

I'm a fan of country music.  Yes, I am.  I enjoy both the old true country and the new pop country.  I heard a little quip the other day though, about "new" country.  Many consider Rascall Flatts as a key transition moment in country music and many in the business are doing country in that style... if you are ok with calling it "country" (I am). These days the umbrella of country music is pretty wide and you're only about one digit away from a country station on the radio at anytime, anywhere. Anyways, here it is, and I've added a bit to it.  Here's what many think of the "new" country: There's still a lot of money in it, but no Cash.

It's tired, but never Haggard.

It's still got twang, but no Waylon.

They're still dancing in a line, but it's not all Strait. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector