5 Things: On Presenting

...or 5 things relevant to speaking, preaching, teaching, talking, or leading discussions in front of other people.  2 truths about speaking in front of others: (1) most people are very afraid of it; and (2) your career, calling, or ministry will be much more rewarding if you become good at it. Here are five resources I have found interesting on the subject of speaking.  There's a lot to learn on the subject and we should learn from as many sources as we can.  Particularly, I think there is a lot to learn here on the use of multimedia and slides.  Good stuff. Enjoy.

1. Garr Reynolds @ Google

Reynolds is a professional at developing presentations using powerpoint, slides, and media.  The advice may surprise you.  This is one area where truly less is more.

2. Scott Berkun @ Google

You seeing a pattern here?  Google has this great thing called Authors at Google to which they regularly invite well known authors on many subjects and allow them to give a presentation to their employees.  They then post the video to Youtube!  How cool is that?  Berkun wrote an interestingly looking book called Confessions of a Public Speaker which I haven't read but would love to pick up.

3. Toastmasters

This organization exists to equip people for public speaking.  Their may be a club near you.  I'm thinking about looking them up locally myself.  The link will lead you to free resources on the subject.  The basics are the basics and the reason most of us aren't that good at speaking publicly is that we do not follow the basics.

4. Public Speaking Isn't Life or Death... by Andy Le Peau

A good, short post on some things to guide your approach to public speaking.  And all of these apply to preaching in my opinion, particularly: know your audience, be yourself, and keep them (the audience) wanting more.

5. AmericanRhetoric.com

AmericanRhetoric.com is a website dedicated to the use of rhetoric, which is simply the art of persuasion, and thus has everything to do with public speaking.  It has a number of interesting things such as a list of the top 100 speeches in America during the 20th century.

EXTRA: 12 Public Speaking Lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.

Lastly, here is a great idea, that of Augustine: "the purpose of public speaking is to love your audience as your neighbor" (http://quentinschultze.com/books/public-speaking/)

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