5 Things: On Reading

This Monday's 5 Things posts is on one of my favorite subjects: books and reading.  I'm something of a bibliophile.  I love books and not merely reading them but even collecting them.  New ones, old ones, and my favorite: nice hardback clothe editions.  Nothing like a solid volume weighing in your hand and inviting you to dive in.  I even like the smell of books. But the most important thing to do with a book is to read it.  Particularly the good ones.  And it is always helpful to stop occasionally and think about one's reading habits, about how one might read better, and how one might find more worthy reads.

Here are 5 articles and resources I have found helpful in thinking about my reading.

1. Some Thoughts On The Reading Of Books by R. Albert Mohler.  Six points on reading from a man who reads a book or so every day and who has a library of tens of thousands of volumes.

2. Read Until Your Brain Creaks by Doug Wilson.  Seven points from a great reader and writer who is often reviewing and commenting on his reading on his blog.  Whatever you think of Wilson's particular opinions and views he will never bore you.

3. Here is a series of articles by Tony Reinke, a good blogger and inveterate reader as well: 1. Capturing Reading Time, 2. Read With Pen In Hand, 3. Read With Purpose In View.

4. Here is a link to a table of contents for a great series on reading called On Disciplined Reading by Dr. Bruce Ashford of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

5. And here is a post for the truly intellectually courageous who desire to take their brains beyond the call of duty: Setting A Reading Goal by Trevin Wax.  That one is for the true Marathoners.

Extra: A kick in the seat of the pants by the great Seth Godin, Deliberately Uninformed.

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