It Took 30 Years

I learn slow.  Some have thought me smart but while I may have the appearance of intelligence indeed the finer elements of wisdom have long and often escaped me.  At least I can admit it. But I'm not playing dumb.  I know what I know and I know how much I don't know.  Thirteen years of public school education and four years of public university education taught me a great deal, like how to add green beans or subtract bricks.  To know that a triangle has three sides.  To know that in formal English you are not supposed to dangle participles.  To know that Pythagoras was a genius.  To know that the Gettysburg Address was a speech given by President Abraham Lincoln after the battle of Gettysburg.  All very important stuff.  In college I learned advanced stuff like the amount of heat transfer between two reservoirs of energy at different temperatures.  And it was great, fantastic, and got me partly where I am.  For instance, I can read now.

But there's a massive amount that they did not teach and that I did not learn.  And it dawns on me regularly how little I know.  But here's the joyful opportunity: because there's so much I don't know, that means there's a lot to learn. Does that sound like I'm repeating myself?  But is it not true?  That though it may be painful at times what lies before me is the welcoming challenging of continuing to grow spiritually and intellectually forever. This is a blessing of being made in God's image but lower than the angels.  And behold it is very good.

Much of what I don't know or I am learning now has to do with really practical things.  Things such as how to relate to an annoying person or how to say I'm sorry.  Or how to get my budget just right and master household finance.  Or how to nurture my marriage or discipline my kids right.  Or how to do kickbutt project work on the job.

I've got a whole list in mind of some of the things finally dawning on me at this stage of life.  It took 30 years but I'm game.  And it's going to take all my life.

I'll be writing more in this vein of practical wisdom concerning things like productivity, vocation, and more.  You'll see a tag called "30 Years" on some of the lessons that are important to me right now.  I hope you find them helpful.

What have you learned lately?  How are you changing?  Don't bask in your ignorance, instead change, and gear up your mind for some serious work! · Copyright © · Caveat Lector