Question Everything

You probably read the title and thought I wanted to advise a healthy skepticism or critical thinking. And you'd be right, I do, but not in the sense you are probably thinking.  I do think it healthy to ask hard questions of just about everything.  What do you believe and why do you believe it? Why is that true? And so on. But the one area I think most of rarely question is our own assumptions about our lives and the way we live them.  Particularly in the little things. I do not mean to suggest that any of the following things are necessarily wrong but what are they costing us in terms of lost opportunities, wasted resources, and blown time?

Why do I need to pick up that cappuccino that cost me $1.50 and 150 calories?  What's wrong with the free cup a' joe in the office?

Is going out to lunch every day really necessary?  What's wrong with a brown paper bag with a turkey sandwich and an apple? Just add mayo and mustard.

Must I really keep up with every episode of my five favorite shows? Is the lost ten hours a week worth that?

Does a Friday necessarily entail a $40 meal out to town? Must fun always include spending money?

Simple life is good.  There are lots of things I thought I needed that I'm learning I don't need.  They had a great deal to do with my comforts and pleasures and what I thought I had to have to be happy.  But I'm questioning everything.  It's all costing me too much in money, time, and real joy. I'm not buying it anymore.  I'm not saying I'm not going pick up the occasional fountain drink or latte or never go out for a $40 meal, but it ain't gonna be what takes to make me happy.

Simple life is good. Happiness is singing God's praises on Sunday morning. Happiness is a good book and a homemade cup of tea. Happiness is an evening with my wife and children around the fire. Yes, simple life is good.

There are many others areas of life to question.  Stop asking everybody else the hard questions and ask them of yourself.  You are the only person you can truly work to change.  So question yourself, why do you live that way? Is it reasonable? How much is it costing you financially, physically, intellectually, or spiritually? · Copyright © · Caveat Lector