I don't know why but I think the word fritter is cool. It rolls off the tongue and sounds weird.  It almost has a trill to it. And it's a good way to describe the way you and I waste time.  Yes, you know you do. I do.  I have a lot. But I'm raging against the system and all the energy, attention, and time it sucks from me because I buy into the assumptions of the digital age.

To fritter means to squander or disperse piecemeal; to waste little by little.  You think that checking your email every ten minutes is worth that? Would you check your mailbox every ten minutes? Oh, I need to work on that project, but I better walk out to the box and see if anything came in first.  No, we would not do that. But we do. I'd love to read this great book, but I better see what Suzanne is up to on Facebook. Gee, I'd love to work on my Spanish vocab, but there's this next level on Angry Birds. I love to smash those green pigs.

You will never get there from here. If your goal or resolution for 2011 is not bringing about present change today you will make the same resolution in 2012. Goals are WORTHLESS if they are merely wishes for the future but do not initiate present ACTION. This means that if you are going to get there from here you must stop frittering time away. It cannot be saved. It cannot be purchased in chunks for future usage. It's gone like spilled milk.

You will never get there from here. "There" may be a weight loss of 50 pounds, the learning of a new language (wouldn't it be cool to read the Gospel of Mark in Greek), or establishing a neighborhood monthly potluck. I don't where there is for you. But I can tell you that if you were to chart your time and we find that your priorities last week were to play xBox nightly, to stay current on Primetime, to leave your inbox open to the whole world, or surf Facebook, it ain't gonna happen.

I'm not trying to spread negative vibes or be defeatist but winning at life means facing reality. I've got more to say about this and mostly because I was an addicted fritterer myself, but no more, if I can help it. Life's too short.

Oh, and I'm gonna be sharing more with on thoughts like this. It took me over thirty years to learn some dumb lesson like this and I don't want you to make the same mistake. Beating every version of Call of Duty was not worth it. Not really. Trust me. Fun, but not that fun. Not now anyways.

Where and how are your shredding your time?  Stop taking your time and tearing it into small pieces and throwing it out the window. Now. Do something about it. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector