Stupid Is Still In the Bible

I've blogged intermittently for several years.  I have few readers.  Oh, well.  Anyways, the most read post ever of all the wise and smart things I've had to say is the observation that the word stupid is actually used in Scripture.  Other not so nice words are occasionally used in Scripture as well but we'll not go there today.  For some reason people are always wanting to know if the word stupid is in the Bible and I help 3-5 people answer that question every day of the year.  You're welcome.  Anyways here was the original post: "Stupid Is In The Bible." And one other thing: a lot of people aren't as impressed by what is in the Bible as they say they are.  They really do pick and choose.  So just because you wanna say stupid don't expect the defense of "but it's used in the Bible" to be that helpful for most stodgy pew warmers.  You will make some parents mad.  They will believe you are irreverent.   And you might be, I'm not telling you what to say, I'm just saying, you know, that the word is there in the Good Book. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector