God Helps Those Who Help Themselves? Yes.

It has been oft said that, God helps those who help themselves.  It has also been oft noted that this aphorism is not found in the Bible.  This may be true, but I believe the general truth of the statement is an implication of Proverbs 6:1-11.  And it should be noted that this common proverb is not generally applied to salvation or conversion, nor should it be.  We are talking about the earthly things of the book of Proverbs.  There is truly a sense in which God helps those who help themselves which is another way of saying that when you start doing the right thing two things follow often: 1) you hit initial resistance (Murphy's Law, all hell breaks loose) and then 2) Providence steps in and provides momentum.  God helps those who help themselves. God was with Nehemiah, but someone still had to put mortar between the bricks.  It's the ole' "Praise God and pass the ammunition" slogan.  Or like the farmer who was exhorted by the preacher, "God gave you those fields!" to which he responded, "you should have seen them when He had 'em."  God may give the increase, but someone must plant.

This is not to take the glory from God, nothing happens apart from His action, but it is to recognize a simple and practical truth: we really are responsible for action which influence things on planet earth particularly in our own lives.  We must strive, we must fight, we must work, we must till, labor, seed, sow, plant, and harvest.

So shoulder some responsibility and see, where do you need to help yourself?

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