Warts and All

“Some of the most foolish misreading of biblical stories I have encountered have come from a misguided assumption that we are intended to approve of the behavior of biblical heroes in virtually every episode in which they figure.  One of the distinctive features of the Bible is how deeply flawed its heroes and heroines are.  The Bible portrays most of its protagonists as Cromwell wished to be painted—warts and all.” – Leland Ryken, How to Read the Bible as Literature, p. 77

Amen.  Jacob's having two wives is not biblical support for polygamy and Jephthah's keeping of his vow by sacrificing his daughter is not commendable.  Jacob was a deceiver who got deceived and Jephthah was a fool who did not know the things that God did not take delight in.  Other examples abound, but alas, I must read on.

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