Just So You Could Have A Bagel

“When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, observed Luther, we ask God to give us this day our daily bread.  And He does give us our daily bread.  He does it by means of the farmer who planted and harvested the grain, the baker who made the flour into bread, the person who prepared our meal.  We might today add the truck drivers who hauled the produce, the factor workers in the food processing plant, the warehouse men, the wholesale distributors, the stock boys, the lady at the checkout counter.  Also playing their part are the bankers, futures investors, advertisers, lawyers, agricultural scientists, mechanical engineers, and every other player in the nation’s economic system.  All these were instrumental in enabling you to eat your morning bagel. …God has chosen to work through human beings, who in their different capacities and according to their different talents, serve each other.  This is the doctrine of vocation.”

- Gene Veith, God at Work, p. 13-14

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