Three Points on Productivity

Whatever you do, you've got to get things done. Whether it is personal or professional you have duties, projects, and responsibilities, and to be effective you must get them done, or do you? Well, yes, of course. Matt Perman of one of my favorite productivity blogs What's Best Next answers a short Q&A on productivity. Check it out, it's good, and he ends with these good words: "realize that you don't have to be productive. By this I mean: your significance does not come from your productivity. It comes from Christ, who obeyed God perfectly on our behalf such that our significance and standing before God comes from him, not anything we do."

Ok, that's different! But I think he is right. As Christian's we are called to work and rest and in all things to trust in the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. We are right with God by Jesus Christ not by busy-ness or accomplisment. Let that be your comfort in the midst of a hectic, head-spinning work day! · Copyright © · Caveat Lector