Baptism: What The Bible Says

I saw a statement on a church website that I really liked and summed up the practice and theology of baptism well: We believe exactly what the Bible teaches about baptism:

  • It washes our sins away.
  • It is by immersion in water.
  • It is for everyone of us.
  • It is done in Jesus name.

I suppose I would add a few more short statements:

  • It is a command of the Lord.
  • It is for those who have repented to God.
  • It is for those who believe on Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • It is how we publicly confess our sins.
  • It is how we publicly make our profession of faith.
  • It pictures judgment against sin by a flood of water.
  • It visualizes the Gospel: the death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • It is death to our old man, and life to our new man in Christ.
  • It unites us with Christ. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector