No Legislation Without Participation: Health Care & the Boston Tea Party

Patrick Lencioni has an excellent word on the Health Care reform debates dominating the congressional agenda this summer.  You need to read this and think about it. This is what we need to demand of our representatives and leaders.  If they desire to lead us in a certain direction, then let them lead us by taking the first step personally.  We need to acknowledge that a certain moral elitism, whether of the Left or the Right, prevails on Capitol Hill.  They all are attempting to legistlate morality mainly by passing something and then saying: "do as we say but not as we do."  And common sense would dictate that this needs to change, as Lencioni states:

"Simply put, if Congress is going to pass a law, then it must also have to live with the consequences of that law."

Amen.  Preach it, brother. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector