Walk the Line Again

Several years ago Dr. Russell Moore, one of my professors at Southern Seminary, gave an excellent series of lessons on the book of Proverbs titled Walk the Line and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  He dispels the  notion that Proverbs can be put into practice as a set of unconnected principles for success in life, no, Proverbs has everything to do with Jesus and living like Jesus and being in good relationship with Jesus.  In this short series he speaks on:

  • Wisdom is Not a What but a Who: An Introduction to the Wisdom of Christ
  • Drowning Narcissus: Humility and the Wisdom of Christ
  • You May Already Be A Sluggard: Work and the Wisdom of Christ
  • The Art of Auto-Crucifixion: Self-Control and the Wisdom of Christ

I've commented on the series in a past post here.  You can listen to the lessons on Moore to the Point, a blog name which I am a bit jealous of for obvious reasons.

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