NAYC 2009 Quote of the Week

New Generation, the Youth Ministry of the United Pentecostal Church in Highland Village, had a wonderful time at North American Youth Congress 2009.  It was a great time hanging out, playing games, dining together, visiting the Hermitage (home of President Andrew Jackson), and traveling. Perhaps the great impact of this was establishing and cementing relationships.  Getting to know one another better. Talking, conversing, discussing, and sharing.  It was worth that alone. But the point was attending the NAYC services and responding to the Worship and the Word.  It was a joy to be in an arena with 18,000 young people singing and shouting the praises of God.  The house was rocked!  Most significantly, the preaching of the Word took center place, and we heard numerous great messages by the likes of Shay Mann, Wayne Huntley, Tom Ellis, Aaron Soto, Tim Rutledge, and Wayne Francis.

Shay Mann spoke to us on The Dawn of Destiny and challenged us to renew our purpose and calling in Christ and to pursue our God-given dreams.

Tom Ellis spoke to us passionately about being working on by God, chiseled to become His masterpiece--just like Jesus. He used perhaps one of the best visual illustrations I've ever seen in a message.  Another man with a chisel and hammer, acting as God, "worked" on him to sculpt him to be like Jesus.  Very effective picture of submitting to God and the sanctification process.

Wayne Huntley warned us of the temptation of our time, being intimidated by others to not worship, believe, and live holy lives.

Wayne Francis preached passionately on Beyond the Drift and pushed and pulled us to look at the next big thing God may be calling us to do, to not get stuck on yesterday's achievements, but to utilize our God-given creativity and talents to move forward and reach our world.

Personally, the most impacting message was preached by Tim Rutledge who simply asked us, What If? What if we simply obeyed the truth that we already knew?  What if simply tried to live like Jesus?  What if we'd just forgive?  And what if we'd realize that each moment is irretrievable and live like we're dying?  That would restore our perspective to God's priorities. And he uttered the quote of the whole week that is stuck in my mind: "God didn't die to make you safe, God died to make you dangerous." Quibble about the wording if you want to but the point is plain.  Jesus did not die on the cross for our security, but for our eternal salvation and our selfless service. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector