In Jesus We Trust: More Quotes by Will Willimon

"You can usually detect the ethical substance of a theology by how much it talks about God and how little it talks about Jesus.' (quoting John Howard Yoder).   We have billboards all over our cities saying, 'In God We Trust.'  Which I think is odd given that we are paying a billion dollars every two weeks to the US Army.  I'd say we got our trust there.  They never put down, 'In Jesus We Trust.' or say 'we'll just have to accept this as Jesus's will.'  We don't do that.  It's hard to drag Jesus into our projects with some of these odd ideas about enemies, but as Christians we're supposed to do that.""Wesley started something that the world had never heard of before, Sunday School.  They taught kids how to study their Bibles.  There were all kinds of poor kids who couldn't even read, and so they taught them how to read so they could study the Bible.  The question is today, what problems or situations exist for children which needs ministered to?"  [Latch key kids].  "Yes.  Some retired teachers at a church started an after school program for kids whose parents are still at work..." · Copyright © · Caveat Lector