Religion of the Hands: Quotes by Will Willimon

I want to post a number of quotes by Will Willimon, the bishop of the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He is something of a weird duck, a sort-of conservative moderate in a liberal denomination, and he is quite pithy and eloquent in an earthy sort of way.  Obviously, I don't agree with all he would hold to nor am I pushing him here, but he is thought provoking.  Read and ponder.

"The test of the religion of the heart is religion of the hands. How we not only believe in Christ but how we practically follow Christ."

"Isn't it comforting that God has promised us that He will never allow anything happen to us... that is worse than what He allowed to happen to His own Son?...We follow a crucified Lord and Savior."

"We make a commitment to Christ.  Fine, but that commitment is based on Christ's prior commitment to us.  And we don't make just one commitment.  As many of you can testify, you've been Christians for a long time and it's like everyday Christ expects you to renew your commitment to Him."

"Baptism is a sign of salvation.  It is a sign of all that Jesus does to save us.  Baptism you can't do to yourself, it has to be done to you, just like your salvation."

"The way to tell the difference between the true God and false gods is this: false gods will never shock you." (i.e. they will look like the gods you want them to be and not demand things of you) · Copyright © · Caveat Lector