40 Years After: The Mission to the Moon

The 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon will be one of the few things history remembers about the 20th century should the Lord tarrfs-apollo4_slideshow_604x500y a thousand years.  It is amazing testament to the power of vision and the strength of coordinated energy, innovation, and determination.  In one decade, a President set an outrageously ambitious goal and it was achieved. Here are a number of great pics from the Apollo 11 Mission:



There are some foolish conspiracy theories out there suggesting that the mission to the moon was a Hollywood hack job.  I find that ridiculous.  Such a conspiracy would require the collusion of thousands of people.  Furthermore, has anyone watched movies from the sixties and then looked through pictures of the Apollo 11 mission?  Do you really think Hollywood was that good in 1969?  Or what about the 1980's - have you seen Star Trek I or Star Wars IV lately?  The only way Hollywood could have got it that good was by building its own rocket and going to the moon and getting the film themselves.  But NASA beat them to it of course!

The mission to the moon is significant for another amazing reason and that is that, in one sense, it gave full empirical proof to the laws of the planets and gravity outlined way back in the 1500s and 1600s by Copernicus, Kepler, and Newton.  The heavens are amazing and work according to a beautiful order based on physical laws underlined by mathematics.

The Apollo 11 mission was, to-date, the zenith of the space program but not the end.  In my opinion, we should keep on going.  Go back to the Moon.  Go to Mars..."to infinity and beyond!"  Why not?

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