Time Well Spent: Things We Will Never Regret Doing

family-walk_croppedIt has often been said that when it comes your time to die, you will never say, "man! I wish I would have spent more time in the office!"  This modern proverb is certainly true.  Nevertheless, most of us aren't hanging around the office too late anyways, it's other things that take our time.  No doubt many of you on occasion sit and feel the guilt of wasted time.  Perhaps you've just spent too much time online, tweeting, Facebook, or surfing.  Or, perhaps you've spent too many hours watching the Tube.  Whatever it is, you feel guilty, and you regret losing those forever irretrievable slices of time; moments that are now gone, and never to be regained. Perhaps it would be helpful to reverse the problem, and ask, "what are those things that we have never regretted doing?"  In other words, what are those things that we do, that we look back and say, "that was time well spent?"  Maybe the answer to this question can point us to re-examine our priorities and help us to re-adjust how we use our time starting today.

So would you ever sigh and say, "what have I done?  I have totally wasted my time!  I hate myself, I will never do that again!" IF YOU:

  • Completed one thing, not everything, just one, around the house that needed done?
  • Put in a full day's worth of hard work earning the money you're paid?
  • Spent an hour a day learning a new skill or subject?
  • Took one night a week to go earn that degree you've always wanted?
  • Spent an evening putting together your resume?
  • Spent an evening preparing your information for your will (you will need it someday)?
  • Gathered your unused junk sitting around the house and sold it on eBay?
  • Finally cleaned up that big mess in your basement, garage, attic, or backyard?
  • Took an hour (or two, or three) documenting all your financial information (accounts, plans, etc.)?
  • Called a friend and encouraged them?
  • Wrote someone a thank you note?
  • Spent one afternoon a month golfing with close friends?
  • Met once a week with good friends over a hot meal at a local restaurant?
  • Open your doors and invited the new couple at church over for dinner?
  • Finally approached that person you've been estranged from and reconciled with them?
  • Refused to say a word (you shut up) when you had the opportunity to put someone down?
  • Took a walk, jog, or a hike on a beautiful Spring day?
  • Walked across the road and met your neighbor?
  • Prepared a meal and delivered it to an elderly person living alone?
  • Showed up for church prayer meeting or pre-service prayer and prayed?
  • Took an hour to explain the Gospel to a friend?
  • Spent an extra 30 minutes after service listening to someone else talk about their life?  And encouraging them?
  • Spent a day working on a fundraiser for missions?
  • Read a really, good novel?
  • Read a really, good Christian book on something like prayer, fasting, or God, of Jesus (that would be good!)?
  • Took your spouse on a date?
  • Spent an hour with your family, your children, your parents, etc. over a meal?
  • Spent another hour with them playing board games?
  • Spent another hour (or ten minutes!) praying with them?
  • Spent an hour with your kids in the back yard or wrestling in the floor?
  • Spent an hour reading the Bible?
  • Spent 10 minutes a day memorizing Scriptures?
  • Spent 20 minutes in prayer?

So, would you hate yourself for doing any of these things?  Sure, you can't do everything, and you can't do all of these things on a given day, or even in the same week.  And obviously, too much of a number of these items might well be wasted time, but with balance I just don't think that these would the kind of guilt-inducing activities that we often spend time on.  You probably could do a lot more of this stuff than we have come to expect out of ourselves, it's just a matter of priority.  Those of you who know me, now I'm in the same lump with you all!  Can anybody else say, "it's me, it's me, it's me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer?"

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