Have You Seen My Time? - Some Resources on Getting Things Done

lost_in_sands_of_time"Hi, my name is Chad, and I am a time-loser."  Do you ever feel that way?  Do you ever feel the crunch of too many things to do and not enough time to do them in?  Or, do you ever feel exasperated at having almost zero personal or spare time? Scripture tells us to "redeem the time," and we are to be efficient with out time, working hard and getting good things done.  On the other hand, one of the Ten Commandments is to "keep the Sabbath," which is a principle we often forget and ignore in our zest for filling every day with activity.  But we need rest!  You know it and your body, mind, and soul know it!

We often say, "time is money," but it is much more than that.  Money can be put in the bank and saved for a rainy day.  Time cannot.  It must spent moment by moment, second by second, day by day.  This is really about getting things done, not time management, because you can't manage time, you can only use it.

I am certainly no expert at getting things done, in fact, I really, really struggle with this.  However, as a pilgrim on this journey of life and work I am trying to learn.  I want to point you to a few good resources that I use to help keep me motivated, learning, and growing when it comes to the spending of my time.  Hopefully, we can help one another!


Here are some of the most oft-recommended books on the subject.  I've got the first two, and would like have the other two as well.  That's what a wishlist is for.


  • The Simple Dollar often has articles related to how we use our time, in addition to tons of stuff on personal finance and frugality.
  • What's Best Next is all about how we use our time, manage projects, and more.


I will be following this article up with more tidbits on priorities, spending time, and getting things done.

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