Weekly Upwords - 3/26/09 Edition

Having a good week?  I hope so.  I am.  I've put back some of my tax money and I'm putting the rest to good use.  Fun.  Here are some items for the weekly roundup.

  • Dave Ramsey is doing his part for the economic crisis: he refuses to be a part of this recession.  He is sponsoring a free nationwide event: http://www.townhallforhope.com/.  Don't you wish our politicians would stop their fearmongering and give us real hope?
  • Have you ever wondered about what is fair when paying speakers?  Here is a thought-provoking approach by Professor John Stackhouse: http://stackblog.wordpress.com/fair-payment-for-speakers/.
  • If you search Amazon.com you are probably familiar with their reviews.  I have written a handful and have often wondered how useful they were.  Well, recently I found that they were indeed useful, because I was requested by an author to review his book on Amazon.com.  And it turns out that the Economist magazine has asked this very question, are Amazon.com reviews effective?: http://www.economist.com/science/tq/displaystory.cfm?story_id=13174365
  • Also, have you ever wondered what the Sabbath principle should look like in the Christian life?  When we read the Ten Commandments we pretty much know what to do with the other nine, but this is confusing to most of us.  Dr. Russell Moore has given this excellent message on what it means: Rest In Peace: Celebrating the Sabbath from an Empty Tomb.

Grace and Peace!

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