Are You Ready to Be the Church in the Brave New World?

This column piece from Max Mutchnick, a co-creator of Will & Grace,  posted at the Huffington Post is a real piece of shock opinion.  It's meant to bowl you over and push, prod, and provoke or maybe not, perhaps Max has already stepped so far into the coming Brave New World that he doesn't even feel the slightest hint of how de-humanizing his attempts at "family self-creation" are (I don't know what else to call it).  His column is called "My Daughters Have No Mother." And you might think he is divulging some personal tragedy, no, rather he is describing the design and ordering process of a family for him and his gay partner.  His daughters will have no mother by intent.  Oh, there is an egg-supplier (V139K2), and a hired womb, but there will be no mother hovering around to teach two daughters how to be ladies. I well remember reading Aldous Huxley's Brave New World in high school and being scared out of my little teenage wits.  I was probably a sophomore but I wasn't stupid (or at least I don't think so), and I knew that Huxley wasn't recommending the kind of world he was writing about.  I have never forgotten the scenes of designing lines of babies and the production of children for certain roles, positions, and jobs and the lack of real relationships and freedom by these so-called civilized and advanced peoples while the only folks with real freedom were considered savages.  If allowing Mother Nature to be Mother Nature means being savage, then call me a savage.  I don't think Mother Nature is an accident, nor is She malleable to our whims.  Nature is a real thing because God made it so and thus, there really is something called human nature, and all that it entails-including being made male and female and the natural procreative process called sex.  That means there is a right way to be male and female and to do family and to have sex, which is, regardless of our best attempts to deny it, an essentially procreative process (duh, stupid!).  But aren't you glad God made it fun?

Anyway, you have to wonder where all this is going.  You need to know this, we need to acknowledge it, that  having a baby is soon to become a matter of mere production, and industry. And questions abound: what if I'm a billionaire and I want to order a dozen kids?  Raise them to work my estate.  Why not?  If they don't need a mother maybe there's a lot of things they don't need and they will be taken well care of!  What if I'm the leader of a strange cult and want to quadruple our cult population in the next 20 years?  Oh, I'll take care of them and feed them well, give them an education--they'll have hundreds of family members, dozens of cousins, aunts, and uncles  Again, why not?   Here's a question: why could some people feel a sense of moral imperative to save the children of polygamous Mormons last year by force and yet turn around and goggle over a story like Max Mutchnick's?  In what consistent and rational ethical system could one agree with Max but despise the Mormons for their "reproductive choices?"

Aren't there any feminists, or even humanists, out there mad about all this?  It does seem amazing to me that in the course of intellectual history that the movements priding themselves on human self-advancement, focus, and achievement, even proclaiming themselves as humanists, now call this project of de-humanizing reproduction progress.  I don't mind the term humanism in its rightful place and understood as a view of humane-ness and study and appreciation of humanity.  In fact, I think that a theistic worldview is the only worldview that can rightly do so since it holds that humans have a Creator and are made in His Image and have a purpose greater than mere survival.

I'm just not sure about his whole thing-surrogate mothers, donor semen, in-vitro fertilization.  This seems to be a moral minefield.   Adoption is one thing, but this, particularly Max's decision, surely is another.  It seems to me that once again our national ethics of "the fetus don't count" strikes again.  It's wrong to kill a human outside the womb, but it's OK to kill it inside the womb.  It's wrong to buy a human being outside the womb, but it's OK to buy a human being inside the womb.  Have you seen Battlestar Galactica where the Cylons create baby factories with kidnapped human females?  It's pretty disturbing.  But what's the difference? All of our worst nightmares and tales of horror we will create and bring to pass ourselves. Robots, cyborgs, aliens and demons not required.

Can you imagine telling your daughter: We love you and decided that you don't need a mom.  Your "mother's" DNA came from V139K2, your father's DNA, well that was mine, and the womb was Delivery Lady X - yes, your mom is number V139K2.  You're just like Number 6 on Battlestar Galactica.  What number do you want to be honey?

Yes.  That is happening in your world.  Yet, after my rant, I want to say more.   We-and now I'm talking to the Church-don't need to merely react to this Brave New World we need to prepare for it.    We need to continue making the case for the biblical family.  We need to answer the arguments of the proponents of homosexual marriage, abortion, alternate family structures, and the like.  But we need to do a whole lot more than that.

We need to prepare ourselves because the folks we're talking about and the babies they are making are real human beings however much we disagree with them and their choices.  They are made in the image of God just like you and just like me.  We need to be prepared as the body of Christ to minister in the midst of all of this.  We are not mere ideologues.  We are not merely "the Right."  Nor are we primarily "conservatives."  No, we have a much higher purpose than voting conservative in the next election.  We are the Church.  We are the Body of Christ.  We have have a Gospel to proclaim.  We have a mandate to obey.  We have a mission to make disciples for Jesus Christ from every continent, nation, people-group, city, town, village, family, and so-called family.  That means that instead of just reacting to our culture we need to be prepared to change it , not by opinions and ballots, but by open-arms and baptisms.  When God rescues and regenerates the hearts of the children of this generation-the ones that He calls out and makes His own-we need to be ready to love, disciple, and baptize in the name of Jesus Christ the daughters of V139K2. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector