A Devotion Worth Striving For

I've heard of some of the books of Charles Feinberg but knew little about him as a person.  I recently listened to John MacArthur's interview at his church, Grace Community Church, on his forty years of pastoral ministry there.  He mentioned the force of influence that Feinberg exerted on his life.  Here is one fascinating and amazing detail of his life: he loved the Scriptures so much that he read his Bible four times a year.  And he recorded that in a short journal.  He could also do other amazing things like learn languages quickly just so that he could read books in those languages.  Wow. The take away ought to be more than, "wow, I need to read my Bible that much!"  It's not that simple.  If Bible reading is a mere devotional activity that's ritualistic and a matter of religious routine then we're not getting the point.  Reading Scripture is about knowing God through His Word.  And knowing God is study and learning and education (being led out of our ignorance) and these things involve repetition and regularly returning to the basic sources of knowledge, and for knowing God that means the Bible.

And please--this post is not intended to initiate guilt but rather to raise your desire.  There is a big difference and we need to root out the guilt, and raise our desire.  Guilt is legalistic but desire is gracious.  Guilt wears off but desire will push you on with joy.  Pursue God and He will give you grace to pursue Him more.

You can read more about Feinberg here.

May God put in my heart such love for Scripture and may he raise up an entire generation--a new generation--of God-filled, grace-embracing, holy-living, Bible readers and lovers.

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