Weekly Upwords: The Expository Preaching Edition

Philip Harrelson of Dothan, Alabama and author of BarnabasBlog is doing some great work on preaching, particularly expository preaching.  Expository preaching is a preaching method attempting to be thoroughly biblical, focus on what the text actually says, and work through passages of Scripture in sequence.  Biblical impetus for this is found in the examples of Ezra in Nehemiah 8:7-9 and Paul in Acts 20:26.  This may be foreign to some but it has been the tool of some of the greatest preachers in Christian history.  Also, I have been greatly blessed by it as my own pastor often preaches this way through passages of Scripture.  He recently finished a series on the Sermon on the Mount and is now working through the book of Ephesians. So I commend to you Harrelson's discussion over at BarnabasBlog: How Expository Preaching Changed Me.

Readers, if you have the time I would be interested to know your honest opinion: as a person on the pew do you enjoy a preaching/teaching method that works through passages of Scripture in sequence, in a series?

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