Why I Cannot Vote for Barack Obama and other Pro-Abortion Politicians

I am a single-issue voter in this election.  Like me, love me, hate me, I don't care.  So long as a politician affirms the practice of abortion I cannot vote for him or her based on other considerations.  May God keep us from the day when we have no other option.  The practice of abortion is despicable and has turned us into a culture of death.  We have lowered ourselves to the ranks of other (unnamed) previous and present regimes and nations that in our perverted pride and haughtiness we still find some reason to look down on.  In the mean time, we make all our decisions personally and politically based on what is good for us and that's mostly our bank statements, portfolios, entertainment choices, and sex life.  That's why we become more outraged, anxious, and ready for action and change when the stock market dips, slips, or falls than by the fact that down the street at the clinic the trash cans are filling up with dead babies. We must ask ourselves: how different are we than the other nations we have judged?  Are we any better for conducting our business as a democratic republic and accepting the horrible decisions of the various branches and institutions of that republic than if the horrible decisions had been foisted on us by a dictator?  No, unrighteousness is not made righteous by popular vote, democratic or federal government processes. I digress.

Thus, I cannot vote for Barack Obama based on other issues and I am very disturbed by those who otherwise claim to be pro-life that will do so.  Obama's position is not a matter of debate or opinion; his record is clear: he is pro-abortion.  There are a lot of other reasons to not support Barack Obama, such as his near socialism view of government, his lack of experience, his professorial manner, and such, but this is the issue that decides my vote.

On Obama's position, see these posts and read for yourself:

Justin Taylor refers to the work of Robert P. George:  Robert P. George: "Voting for the Most Extreme Pro-Abortion Political Candidate In American History is Not the Way to Save Unborn Babies."

Dr. Al Mohler refers to George's works as well as his own excellent comments:  The Abortion Question and the Future.

I highly recommend that you read these posts and if you are on the line on this question think about it!  Whether you like it or not your vote is a moral issue, not merely a political one.

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