"The establishment is always at odds with the people." - Ward Connerly

Forbes.com had a short and interesting article on this very interesting man, Ward Connerly.  Connerly, a black man born in the deep South during the Segregation years, worked and became a successful businessman and now labors to end racial preferences in university and college admissions (affirmative action by race).  I like this paragraph especially:

Politicians have seldom supported him. "When it comes to race," Connerly says, "political correctness is profound. Even conservative Republicans are afraid to take a stand." Organizations from chambers of commerce to unions to the League of Women Voters have fought him, instigating legal challenges that have so far thwarted his efforts to put initiatives on the ballot in Florida and Oklahoma. "In issues involving race," Connerly explains, "the establishment is always at odds with the people." But Connerly has succeeded in putting bans on racial preferences on the ballot in Washington, Michigan, Colorado and Nebraska. The people of Washington enacted a constitutional amendment banning racial preferences in 1997. The people of Michigan did so in 2006. The people of Colorado and Nebraska will make their decision on Nov. 4.

Will the measures in Colorado and Nebraska win? Comfortably, Connerly insists. Whenever bans on racial preferences are permitted to go before the voters, they win.

Read the whole thing: American Hero.

HT: Justin Taylor

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