Weekly Upwords #1: You Just Think You're Smart edition

It's a virtue to be humble but it ain't easy. And anytime you think you're close something kicks you in the teeth just to let you know that you're not there yet.  Of course, anytime you actually think you're humble you can be sure you're not by a longshot!  One might as well build in times when you do something to help humble yourself.  Martyn Lloyd-Jones recommended that a preacher should pick up a biography of a great preacher, say a Spurgeon or an Edwards, after having preached on a Sunday night.  So, that way if you had mistakenly thought you had done great you'd quickly be corrected. In that vein, here are a couple of interesting posts. Spurgeon: For the Sick and the Afflicted - Gordon Cheng points us to the amazing ministry of Charles Spurgeon and the incredible impact of his work. Spurgeon did all of this while struggling with painful physical problems and deep depression.  The way of the servant of the Lord is rarely easy.

HT: Justin Taylor

Why C.S. Lewis Is Smarter Than Me Am - Fred Sanders is humbled by C.S. Lewis's excellent education and interests at a young age.  Kinda' puts the concept of "12th Grade" reading level in a whole new light.  Wanna be as smart as Lewis?  Read the classics as much as the average American watches TV.  For most of us, that still probably wouldn't cut it.

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