Top Temptations Father's Face: Neglecting Spiritual Nourishment for the Whole Family

This is the last post on this message by Chuck Swindoll, "Top Temptations Father's Face," but not the least.  Men really, really need to hear this word. The parting point Swindoll made was this: "the temptation to underestimate the importance of cultivating your family's spiritual appetite."

Fathers, we need step up and play the man for our families.  Swindoll in his own words:

"In our macho society it's always the woman's job to answer the religious questions.  'Go talk to your mom, son, she's the one big on church!' It's refreshing to find a man who has a love for God that's genuine, who has a walk with God that's unique, who has a pursuit of holiness that's passionate.  It's wonderful to be around men like that. And I'll tell you who loves it, their wives, their children...

Now wait a minute, I'm not talking about overkill, I'm not talking about some fanatical father who turns kids off with too much religious verbage.  You know how I can tell when that's happened?  The family's stopped having fun.  If things are still enjoyable, if the things of the Lord are still delectable, I know we got a couple of parents who are in balance.  But if you've got a fanatical father, you've got kids that are in rebellion and on their way to addiction.  They may know you love Jesus but their learning to hate Him because He's all you ever talk about. That's the other problem.  That's not spiritual nourishment, that's faith gone to seed.

Fathers, the goal is not hypocrisy.  It is authentic manhood.  Real Christianity."

Again, I recommend the message, hunt it down and listen and hear and do, but if nothing else meditate on God's Words to we fathers and may we shape our families by walking in the Spirit and the Scriptures. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector