No Other Foundation

Mark Johnson, pastor of the Journey, gives a very good word on the sufficiency of Scripture in "The Source of Safety" as well as a short take on the Emergent movement.  I'll include an excellent byte here:

The solution ... is to run to the source of safety; to trust the Bible more than either its fans or its detractors; to ask God by His Spirit to illuminate its truths to us.

That means we’ll have to actually read it. A lot. And submit to it. Completely. I promise: you’ll become increasingly confused if you’re spending more time holding angst-filled conversations about truth than you are studying it in the Scriptures. Pick it up, dust it off, and commit to some serious time absorbing its contents prayerfully and meekly. When it comes to getting theology right, the Bible is the source of safety.

Well-said and amen.  Go read the rest of it. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector