Top Temptations Father's Face

I sometimes listen to Chuck Swindoll and always learn something.  Recently I greatly enjoyed a message to fathers, and as a father it helped me.  Swindoll gave six temptations that father's face: 1. The temptation to substitute what I purchase for my family for my personal presence with my family.

"This is the struggle of toys vs. time", but for your children there's no competition between them, they want Dad.  When son is swinging at the plate, dad better be in the stands smiling, shouting, and waving.

2. The temptation to save our best for the workplace and leave the leftovers for home.

We fathers should put our best "effort, energy, and emotion" into what matters most, our wives and children.  "Children long for the presence of dad, the strength of masculinity, the fun, the play, the joy of being together."

3. The temptation to deliver lectures rather than earning the right to be respected by listening and learning.

"Verbal ability is absolutely key to sound relationships.  Home is not an extension of the office: the wife and children are not employees.  Respect must be earned the hardway, through the experience of close relationship.  See James 1:19."  Don't tell me you've never been here before, this hits home.  Better start today listening and learning.

4. The temptation to desire perfection and demand the same from your family.

This point was especially powerful and one that I face often.  I will post more on this later.

5. The temptation to seek sexual satisfaction outside of your marriage.

"You are a liar to claim that you never are or never will be tempted sexually."  Prepare for it and equip for this battle.  Swindoll offers a strategy for fighting temptation particularly when traveling.  That is simply to take a photograph of your family with you everywhere you go.  Have it available to show others, sit by the TV remote in the hotel room, and remember your love for them--and that if you fail in this area you have to explain it to these people and it will irreversibly wound and damage them.  Swindoll says he also has to face a mother (his wife) with a bayonet who has told him what she would do to him with that bayonet if he ever...well you know what!

6. The temptation to underestimate the importance of cultivating your family's spiritual appetite.

This too was a really, really helpful point that I will expand on later.

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