More on the Saddleback Civil Forum

There's a lot of talking going about Barack Obama and John McCain at the recent Saddleback Civil Forum hosted by Rick Warren.  I agree with John Mark Reynolds at Scriptorium Daily that after this I really like John McCain.  Also, see this piece by Philip Klein at the American Spectator on McCain's Finest Hour.  Back at the Scriptorium Daily, Rachel Motte speaks her mind on The Candidate and the President, and Iagree with her: " Let Obama remain a candidate for a few more years—he’s good at it. John McCain, on the other hand, is ready to be President." Here are some clips from Reynolds first post after the Forum:

Obama is a fine communicator and would make a great professor, but McCain spoke and debated like a commander in chief in a country at war. Perhaps we can have the best of both! Senator Obama can return to the Senate and run again in 2032 when he will have gained McCain’s experience.

We can be sure that we cannot wait until 2032 to elect John McCain, so we better get the old hero into office now.


As for the event, it was better than friends had hoped and allayed all fears. This entire event was amazing. Southern California should be proud of Saddleback Church and the great job they did.

Rick Warren was steady, kept out of the way, and made sure the evening did not bog down. He managed to tone down his tendency to get a bit too civics class sincere. The questions were far better than in most professional media discussions.

Tonight John McCain become the Grand Old Man of the Grand Old Party. · Copyright © · Caveat Lector