The Gospel

The Good News of Jesus Christ is inexhaustible. It is story and fact, proclamation and revelation. It is simple enough to be summarized in a single Bible verse, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16). And yet deep, wide, and rich enough to encompass the whole backdrop, story, and explanation of the 66 books of the Bible.

The Gospel tells us that God loves us and Christ demonstrated His love by dying for our sins upon the Cross, and by faith you and I can have a relationship with Jesus, but it is far more profound than that. It is where the grace, love, mercy, and judgment of God meets for you, indeed for all of us.

The Gospel is the joyful announcement that Jesus of Nazareth is Lord and King, and the proclamation of His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension on behalf of sinners. This Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, the Christ, the Son of God, God-become-man to redeem sinners; through Him God has accomplished the redemption of His people; to save them from sin, death, and hell, and from the wrath of a just and holy God; to restore them to a living and joyful relationship with God and bring them into His kingdom and eternal life now.

The Holy Spirit produces faith by the hearing of this Gospel, and genuine faith produces repentance of sin from the heart and the fruits of repentance: obedience, and profession of faith, calling upon the name of the Lord in baptism, with the blessing of the gift of the promised Holy Spirit.

Believers receive the forgiveness of sins and are saved by God's grace alone through Christ's sacrifice alone, at peace with God being justified by faith in Christ alone, born-again of the Spirit with new hearts, righteous by the imputed righteousness of Christ, adopted as children of God, and united in fellowship with Christ. Believer's hearts and minds are re-oriented towards thirsting after righteousness, hungering for holiness, and pursuing their joy in the Lord Jesus, enduring unto their reward in His glorious Kingdom by God's power at work in them.

This Gospel is for you and for me. By this Good News, God is calling you to be His disciple and friend. By this proclamation, God is inviting you into His kingdom where Christ the King is seated upon a throne of grace and where it is always true that the best is yet to come. By this Word, God is leading you into His story to be a witness of His death and resurrection for you and beyond into the wild adventure of faith.

All of this may seem wild and incredible because it is wild and incredible but true. If you do not know Jesus Christ I invite you to this life of faith. You may have many questions, as you should! So my beginner's advice to you is to start with the source, the Bible, by going to the Gospel of John, or the Gospel of Mark, in the New Testament. As you read, I ask you to answer, what do you think of this Jesus? · Copyright © · Caveat Lector