The kind of breaking we need.

Note: Everything Spurgeon wrote is quotable. For instance:

Again; we will not for one moment allow that a self-righteous man can have a broken heart. Ask him to pray, and he thanks God that he is every way correct. What need has he to weep because of the iniquity of his life? for he firmly believes himself to be well-deserving, and far enough removed from guilt. He has attended his religious duties; he is exceedingly strict in the form of his devotions; or if he cares for such things, he is, at any rate, quite as good as those who do. He was never in bondage to any man, but can look to heaven without a tear for his sin.

Do not conceive that I am painting an imaginary case, for there are unfortunately  too many of these proud, self-exalting men. Will they be angry with me when I tell them that they are no nearer heaven that those whom we reproved a few moments ago? or will not be equally moved to wrath if I were so much as to hint that they need to be broken in heart for their sin? Nevertheless, such is the case; and Pharisees shall one day learn with terror, that self-righteousness is hateful to God.

Sermon on "Healing for the Wounded" on Psalm 147:3
Vol. 2 of Spurgeon's Sermons, p. 24-25 · Copyright © · Caveat Lector