Hearts broken by bereavement bidding adieu to joy.

We have also seen hearts broken by bereavement. We have known tender wives who have laid their husbands in the tomb, and who have stood by the grave-side until their very heart did break for solitary anguish. We have seen parents bereaved of their beloved offspring one after another; and when they have been called to hear the solemn words, "Earth to earth, dust to dust, ashes to ashes," over the last of their children, they have turned away from the grave, bidding adieu to joy, longing for death, and abhorring life. To such the world becomes a prison, cheerless, cold, unutterably miserable. The owl and bittern seem alone to sympathize with them, and aught of joy in the wide world appears to be but intended as a mockery to their misery. Divine grace, however, can sustain them even here.

Sermon on "Healing for the Wounded" on Psalm 147:3
Vol. 2 of Spurgeon's Sermons, p. 20-21

Note: Spurgeon speaks of here with hints of pastoral shepherding of a kind rarely seen today. There's great wisdom here from ages past, deeply rooted in Scripture, for loving and serving persons in their seasons of greatest loss. 

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